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Notes From the Forge, part II

Posted by [email protected] on May 29, 2015 at 10:30 AM

So, last time, we took a look at my initial changes to combat. The second significant change was the character generation system.


I started with expectation dice results (4.5) for every D12 roll, and found that the Elf out-pointed the Dwarf who out-pointed the Human.


Inspired by various RPGs, I created the “path” system we now have. This was designed to allow the players to create any Hero they wished. However, this lead to a number of special abilities to being created, such as Accurate and Cleaving. These and others allowed some real separation of the Heroes, and the Bonus Points mechanism meant that Heroes with the same paths could still be different.


The balancing of these paths has been one of the most gruelling endeavours, and my players have been simply saintly when it comes to the play-test. The new characters, however, where slightly weaker, my having rounded down their power, since the new system allowed greater specialisation.


This lead to the revised Training system, locking the Heroes down to their archetype, and the new Henchmen, in line with the new Heroes.


The net result is that any reasonable character from the Warhammer World (or elsewhere) can now be created, and will have their own flavour.


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