Advanced HeroQuest: Reforged


Forged in Splendour

Advanced HeroQuest was an unparalleled dungeon crawler, years ahead of its time. However, it was a game with a few flaws once you played more than a few times.


Firstly, the mechanics of combat lead to the same consistent tactics being used in every combat, since any side not using these would be killed outright. We have expanded the range of attack, manoeuvring and other tactical options, giving far more possibilities, while still keeping the game nice and dangerous.


Secondly, the system for creating Heroes was flawed, as many heroes had the same abilities, but some had better stats with no penalties. This lead to having several very similar heroes where some where just better than others. We have implemented a new system that allows you to build any Hero you wish! Simply decide what character you want to play and create them!


Thirdly, there were several tiny flaws and errors in the charts and tables available, and some required the GM to put extra work in to make the game playable in the first place. We have replaced these with updated, balanced tables, which are designed to scale automatically with the game as it unfolds.


We’ve further clarified many of the more ambiguous cases, and added all the expansion materials into the core game. On top of all that, we’ve added material to “fill the gaps” such as the missing colleges of magic, rules for priests, and so on.


With the core rules being 90% identical, in Advanced HeroQuest: Reforged we have simply refined and expanded this wonderful game.

You can download all the books for Advanced HeroQuest: Reforged from this file store.


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